Day 365 082111 ~ A Year After

Happy Anniversary! Today is officially the first year of this personal blog. Funny as it seems, but I really never thought that the simple personal rants a year ago has turned into something as big as this one. For the sake of those who are reading this, I'll just keep this day a little different from the usual posts.

As I have said, this blog started from an ordinary daily rants on my facebook account. It's all because of a simple toy that is so valuable to me that I tried to give up -- sacrifice as I called it before. I won't go further on the details on how I lost it, but that certain moment made me realize the things that are important to me.. things that I am willing to give in and things that are worth keeping.

Lesson learned? Things come and go.. Learn to prioritize... Learn when to let go and when to keep on holding...

Again -- Happy first year! :)


  1. Wala man lang pacontest at giveaway...tsskkk

  2. poor pa ko eh... lol

    next year na lang.. :) anyway, gusto mo contest? :p