Beneath the Tree

Alone I sit beneath the tree,
As the wind whisper so softly.
Above the cliff, over the sea,
Alone I rest so peacefully.

A place I found serenity,
A good ingredient for my mind.
Below this tree, I feel I'm safe,
Protection I seek through my years.

Here I paint the road to gold,
Listen to the tune they said love.
Look for the hopes across the sea.
Hearing music from a white dove.

I wish to see pretty fairies,
Dancing around my misty tree.
Together with sparkling genies,
To grant my dreams I want to wish.

Under this enchanted tree,
I always look for mystery.
That my life cannot give to me
And knows how to ease my misery.

And now I'll use these final lines
To put this poem in summary.
That underneath this very old tree..
I always find the best in me.