A Thanks for Her

It was the darkest night ever been
Everywhere light can't be seen
The path that once I'm taking,
Now is gone and fear is already winning.
Time stops and rivers flow,
I sit down for I have nowhere to go.
I stare up for the star that is shining,
To see the Polaris is what I'm wishing.
But she wasn't visible for that night.
For the clouds hid her from my sight.

'Til I gaze behind the clouds in the sky,
Above is the moon with a great smile.
And all she did was to whispher on my ear.
"Oh my child there is nothing to fear".
Everything around has lighten,
Roads have shine, ready to be taken.

Thanks to the moon who shines up there.
Thanks for the words that made me better.
Without those drops of light from her,

I would be trapped in that darkness forever.

Another poem I created a long long time ago. 
For my savior from the darkness that ate me 9 years ago.


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