Day 479 121311 ~ Reactions

Yes I don't miss her..
But I won't deny that she's always in my mind..

I'm not afraid to see her..
Actually, I'm more concern on what to say when I meet her...

For almost two years that we never met..
Two long years that we never had a conversation -- except for the longest tweet exchange we did...

I feel like I have a lot of explanation to tell her..
It's not something that she may want to listen..
Nor something that she should care
But probably..

It is something that could help me...
I just wished that even just for once..

She would react...


  1. I understand how you feel before meeting her, the uncertain feeling of whether she would react or not. This is the starting point of to develop the relationship further.

    You penned this poem so nicely. Loved it! :)

  2. Sorry, my typo for adding "of" in the above sentence.

  3. well, knowing her.. she certainly would just keep quiet and keep all reactions hidden just to avoid anyone getting hurt..

    Thanks again :)

  4. I feel the first two lines also..

    It is painful not telling what you wanted to the one you love..yes, it is something I'm dreading of...

  5. hi mitch! you know what's the hardest part? it's when you tell someone how it feels and how it hurts.. and they give you no reaction....

  6. terribly OUCH! It is better to react even it is negative than to utter no words at all...:('