Day 510 011312 ~ The Notebook

I actually won't post anything tonight..
But.. I just thought of something..

It was Marse's question...
Was it really true?
Can it really happen in real life?

Maybe not...
I don't know..
I still can't tell...

I really hate love stories... :(

This is based on Marse's question on Bino's "Ang Kwaderno ni Bino" story


  1. Why you hate love stories? Love story is interesting and unique. You will realise that when you fall in-love and marry the person you love. Shameless! To tell the world about your love story in the future. Keep writing, posting and sharing.

  2. Love is mysterious. Sometimes, it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Some love stories are nice. But you've the choice whether you like it or not. :)

  3. well.. maybe, I'll believe on it someday.. :)

    thanks for visiting Jenny.

  4. yeah.. i agree with the word mysterious.. maybe someday, I would learn to love the love stories :)