For a Fire Rabbit: Selamat hari lahir

Ni Hao! Since today is a special day, at katatapos lang ng New Year, naisipan kong hulaan ang sarili ko via Chinese Astrology. hehe

I was born on the first month of 1988(Earth Dragon), that means I was born under the sign of the Fire Rabbit.

Anyway, sabi nila ang rabbit daw ay tactful, discreet and accommodating. Sa totoo lang di ko nagets yun, English eh. hahaha

Here's more:

Rabbit people are quite possibly the best diplomats of the Chinese Zodiac. Always well groomed and well mannered, they can be depended upon to keep up appearances. Rabbits are happiest among friends and safely within their established social circles. Luckiest of all signs, Rabbit people are also talented and articulate.

Affectionate, yet shy, they seek peace throughout their lives. Seldom confrontational, they try their best not to offend anyone. They are excellent judges of character. These refined folk love good conversation, reading, and intellectual discussions.

Source: Chinese Zodiac

Base on that, do you think I fit on the sign of rabbit?

People think that I'm quiet, but it doesn't mean that I'm shy. I'm just looking for my place and when I find it, you'll just wish that I AM really quiet - LOL.

I'm a peace lover and won't go to any arguments as long as you don't provoke me that much. I always try not to offend anyone, but sometimes I fail to do so.

When I'm at peace on your company, I tend to become tactless. As long as I have something to share on the discussion, expect me to be talkative. I value trust and friendship, but I rarely show my self on my barkada's gatherings, I'm just to lazy to attend.

So what's waiting for me this year?

Dragon and Rabbit can get along together outwardly. Dragon knows how to accommodate itself to Rabbit, because they have some attraction relationship. Therefore, Rabbit people have good social or business relationship in 2012. However, Dragon and Rabbit could have some arguments behind the scenes. Family relationships are poor. In Chinese astrology, Rabbit contains Wood and Dragon contains mainly Earth. Wood and Earth are opposite elements. They fight each other. It's not a good sign that Rabbit offends the year of Dragon. Dragon will bring people to attack Rabbit. Luckily, there is a Lucky Sun Star appearing in 2012. Therefore, when Rabbit is in trouble, some one will stand up to help.

Career: Rabbit people's career luck is fair in 2012. The business relationship should be good this year. But, someone around you might be jealous of you. They will create the obstacle for you to stop your job opportunity. Therefore, Rabbit people shouldn't expect outstanding career achievements in this year. Therefore, Rabbit people should stay away from villains and try not to have any disputes with them. In the other hand, you need to build up your solid network frequently. This way when something goes wrong, your friends will speak out for you.

Money: There is no lucky sign regarding to money in this Dragon year. As long as Rabbit people can keep their jobs, they can receive a stable fixed income salary or wage. Since no positive money luck is there. Rabbit people should not do any gambling, play the lottery, or do any risky investments. The chance of money loss is more than 50%. Also, Rabbit people shouldn't borrow money from people or lend money to relatives. This is because a dispute sign appearing in 2012 and it might turn into a lawsuit because of money.

Love: The people relationship of Rabbit people is fine in the year of the Dragon. But, when it comes to love, there is a separation sign between Dragon and Rabbit. That means Rabbit people might encounter an accident during the love development. If you are single and you have an opportunity to meet a potential soul mate, you shouldn't push the relationship too hard. You need to make sure there is no misunderstanding in the communication. If you are in love, then you need to show more consideration on your partner. If you bring up unnecessary mistrust or argument, then you have the chance to break up the relationship.

Health: There is no exciting lucky sign for Rabbit people in the Dragon year. That's a sign of weakness in the health area. It sounds that poor emotion brings down the Rabbit people's energy. It's hidden sign that a disease might suddenly arrive. If it happens, then it will take time to recover your health. Therefore, Rabbit people shouldn't miss any meals, shouldn't work overtime and shouldn't stay up late. Make sure that you get enough sleep, rest and exercise. Then you will have a better health in the year of Dragon.

Source: Chinese Horoscope 2012 for Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac Year of The Dragon

Ewan ko ah, pero di ko gusto itong hulang ito -- LOL

Come what may.. mukha namang maganda pasok ng taon na ito sa akin :)
Basta ang alam ko di ko na gagawin ang tradition na ginagawa ko every year.. hahaha, napupuyat lang ako eh :p

Selamat hari lahir to me!!! :)

I just wished I got that right.. hahahah


  1. Selamat Hari Lahir, Aj! I'm glad, you know Bahasa Malaysia. A fire rabbit looks cute but dangerous! Many interesting things await you! :)

  2. thanks Balqis! :) well, thanks to google translate... hahaha.. I actually picked a random language there just to make this post unique :)

  3. dahil chinese new year... selamat baru tahun cina ^_____^

  4. selamat baru tahun cina too! :)