Entry: Semidoppel's Reports' Logo Entry

semidoppel reports
After the "okrayan thread" on Facebook, John of Semidoppel's Reports decided to host a contest for his new blog logo.


The logo/banner comes as a PNG file for convenience in case the author decided to change background ( just in case na ayaw na nya ng 'semidoppel violet' theme nya :p ).

The logo can also be used (when updated/edited) for square logo (e.g. favicon). This is very useful to retain the brand of the site.

Inspiration for the Design

The logo was inspired by the title of the site. Since semidoppel originated from the doppelganger character in Ragnarok, I thought of using an ambigram to represent multiple perspective.

An ambigram can also be defined as seeing things on different views, similar to what the site is known for.

Actual Images

PNG sample

Image when added on the header

This contest is brought to you buy Semidoppel’s Reports sponsored by Jehzlau Conceptsand Two-Sided Perspective.


  1. Wow, thanks for joining, another very very very good entry! I think I'll be having a hard time in choosing.

  2. Good day sir/madame, baka po gusto nyong sumali sa
    contest ko po sa 'PinoyFused Community' at baka manalo
    po kayo ng Premium Ads Space ko, Naniniwala po akong
    ang target market nyo rin po ay mga Pinoy din tulad ko at
    ng mga visitors at member ng site ko.