Brainstorming: Skittles or Skechers?

semidoppel skittle or skechers
Just before I pass my entry for Semidoppel's contest, we had a mini brainstorming of different ideas.

So one of my original designs was this one (the image on this post), I actually thought it was nice so I asked my marketing major brother about his idea.

(The conversation is in Tagalog)
Me: Tignan mo nga ito marketing ka eh, maganda ba? Mukhang Skittles eh.

Mc: Ok lang, parang skechers lang, gusto mo makasuhan?

Me: E di gawa mo ko, marketing ka eh

Mc: Ano tingin mo sa akin, porket marketing ako na gagawa?

Me: Bilis sayo yung t-shirt pag nanalo :p

So what do you think? does it look like "Skittles" or "Skechers"? #hehehe


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