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Soul Mate
"Sabi sa census may labing isang million na tao sa Metro Manila. Sa dinamirami ng taong yon paano mo kaya malalaman na nahanap mo na yung taong para sayo? Maaring nakita mo na siya, pero yumuko ka para magsintas. Maaring nakatabi mo na siya, pero lumingon ka para tignan ang traffic lights. Maaring nakasalubong mo na siya, pero huimarang yung pedicab. May mga maswerteng tao na nahanap na nila yung taong para sakanila. May mga taong patuloy na naghahanap at may iba na sumuko na. Pero yung pinakamasaklap e yung nasa’yo na pinakawalan mo pa. Pero pano nga kaya no? kung isang beses lang dumarating sa buhay mo ang para sa’yo? Palalampasin mo pa ba? Kahit nasa harap mo na?"

- from 'My Amnesia Girl'

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION] "According to the census, there are more than eleven million people in Metro Manila. But from these many strangers around you, how will you know that you found the one? Could if be that you already saw her, but you kneel down and tie your shoe? Could it be the person beside you while you're looking the traffic lights? Could she be the person in front of you when the pedicab passed by? There are many lucky ones that found the one for them. There are some who are still searching while some just gave up. But you know what's worst? it's when you found the one yet you let them go. But what if it's true? What if they only come once in our life? Will you let them pass you by? Even if they are already in front of you?"

I think the concept of soul mate goes like this, 'to find someone whom you would spend the rest of your life with'. But is it really possible? with all these strangers in this world, from there you'll find the right one for you, i mean 'meant to be'. Could you really tell if she's the one?

In my opinion, the people who believe in the concept of soul mate are hopeless romantic. For all the days that I go to school, I meet different people -- the ones I meet on the jeeps, the girl beside me.. weird. This is the weirdest scenario when you're alone, not to mention that there is a slow background music. It feels like you are travelling alone endlessly. Sometimes I also think, what if this famous singer on the background music is the one for me, what if Taylor Swift was my soul mate? It's funny to think of such things that rarely happens in real life. Things that happens on movies, books and fairy tales -- then you'll just say that she's the one.

There are things that might tell you that you and your special someone are meant to be, but surely it may take time, as they say, "almost all things that you wait in life are worth it". But the question is, how long would you wait for your soul mate? would you wait for a hundred years? would you risk some of your time just to wait? Anyway, if it is really worth it, why not.

I also wonder, what if your first love was your soul mate? They say that first love never dies. Could it be that the reason that first love never dies is because it is a reincarnation of your past real love? So can it be true that first love is the same as soul mate?

Could it also happen, that your soul mate would not be the one who'll be with you forever? It's as if you'll meet your soul mate but you'll be marrying someone else? If that is the case, then what's the reason that you met your soul mate? Could it be for a special reason?

How about you? Have you met the one person that you can truly call your soul mate?

"even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme, out of the doubt that fills my mind i somehow find you and i collide…"

— Collide by The Script

This post was originally written by Joseph in Tagalog

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  1. I don't personally believe on "soulmate", finding a person to be with is not by faith or destiny or someone is meant for u... What I believe is -- it is a search, and be realistic -- it's a trial and error... Relationship will always be a work in progress, for programmers/devs-- it is a lifetime program that needs maintenance, adjustments, discovery, experimentation... sometimes crashes due to weird bugs, but it's stupid to say "ah we are just not compatible and not destined"... it's a pathetic phrase... but believing in "soulmate" isn't really a bad thing, it's important to have something to believe and to hope rather than having nothing at all... but it's BETTER to move your ass and explore love, life is short, fairy tales are fairy tales... make your on tale!