Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Blogger

I was trying to create a list of "why you should not" date a blogger for my valentine special, unfortunately, it is far more harder than creating the "why you should".

Anyway, here is my list of "why" -- this is just for fun! :)

  1. They are always updated with the latest trends (Trend Blogger)
  2. They know how to tame a "Panda" (SEO Blogger)
  3. They know the best place to eat on town (Food Blogger)
  4. They know the best place to hangout (Travel Blogger)
  5. They are good fashion consultants (Fashion Blogger)
  6. They won't get you bored with their stories (Personal Blogger)
  7. They know how use their "gadget"! (Techno Blogger)
  8. They are poetic (Literature Blogger)
  9. They know how to focus (Photography Blogger)

and most of all

  1. They are smart (They are the ones feeding Google with information)


  1. hahah this is funny. LOL!
    ok but not strong argument. XD

  2. thanks, well, the intention is to be funny anyway... hahah

    and I think I succeed on making you laugh! :)