Day 783 101212 ~ Moving On...

I just don't know how to start this post..
Its just that there are tons of things that are running in my head right now..
Tons of what-if's are haunting me down..

Moving on..
I wish I really had an amnesia..
I wish I forget everything about you..
All I wish is to completely erase every thing that reminds me of you...

Moving on...
Risking things..
would I rather go for what I think is best..
or settle to what makes me feel at home?

Moving on....
I just wanted to make things done..
All I ask is for you to work..
All I ask is for you to be fixed..

Moving on.....


  1. alam ko to. alam ko tong pakiramdam nato.

  2. I don't know whether this is written for a loved one or for something you love. :)
    What I want to say is, the lines are beautiful and expressive!

    I have a post with the same title. A coincidence!

  3. well.. it is a sudden burst of all the emotions summarized to a single post.. :)