I'm Going Against the Flow

Jowy Atreides - one of my favorite game character that taught me that being on the other side doesn't mean you're bad.

Being the antagonist doesn't necessarily mean that you are evil nor you are wrong, it's just that you have a different point of view that is accidentally opposing the idea of the protagonist who holds the story's spot light.

And so it goes.. that not just because everyone is against on what you believe, doesn't mean that your idea is wrong nor what they are trying to point out is right.

Everyone is born with their own mind to think and a freedom to choose on what they want to believe in...

Right now, I may be against everyone... simply because I don't see things on their own perspective... but again, it doesn't mean that I'm an idiot for not going with the flow...

I may be risky and fool to acknowledge the change.. but sometimes.. we just need a little change to improve ourselves...


  1. gusto ko rin yan counterflow concept paminsanminsan.

  2. I agree with you. When we are against some things, it doesn't mean that we are the ones opting for troubles! Actually, opposing something brings new light on the matter concerned and we're looking at it from another different view.

    A nice post, Aj. I like your ideas. :)

  3. thanks balqis.. I'm glad that you love the idea too of going against the flow sometimes :)